Books about dressage and sporthorses

Down To Earth Dressage

In this wonderfully useful book, British Olympian and National Champion Carl Hester makes dressage training accessible to everyone.

He shares step-by-step guides plus vital tips for improving the horse s gaits (or 'paces,' as they say in England) and riding the full range of dressage movements. Down to Earth Dressage includes over 100 specially taken photos of Carl schooling his horses, from "babies" to grand prix.

It is ideal for training all types of horses and for all levels of riders from novice to expert. There is truly a wealth of information jam-packed within these 112 pages which makes this book a real value for the money.

The Dressage Competitors Handbook

Frasers new book, The Dressage Competitors Handbook, is like a best friend who has been there and done that.

Entering a dressage show and preparing for your first test can be a nerve-wracking experience! This book is the closest thing there is to a cure for those nerves.
The author covers everything you'd want to know prior to entering, the actual entry process, what to pack, what to wear, what to expect and strategizing your ride. She even fills us in on something important to those of us who compete -- awards!

Written in a down-to-earth voice, but with very clear instructions and recommendations, this is a must-recommend for dressage instructors whose students are venturing into the showring, or for the veteran who is looking to have all the critical information (including lists, rules, etc.) all in one place.

Highly recommended!

Choosing a Dressage Horse

Choosing a Dressage Horse is a book about buying a dressage horse!

Novice to Advanced Dressage

Leonie Marshall explains the requirements of the dressage judge and analyzes the problems faced by the competitor trying to succeed in dressage tests.

Leonie Marshall has wide experience as both a judge and competitior.

Dressage by the Letter

The word dressage means training in French.

Training makes a horse more balanced, supple, and responsive to his rider. But dressage is also a sport in which the accomplishments of the horse-and-rider team are judged according to certain standards.

Dressage by the Letter addresses the needs of those riders who want to get started in the sport. It tells them how to select the right horse, choose an instructor, get the most out of lessons, maintain schedules, and prepare for the first show.

This is a true beginners book--one that assumes no prior knowledge of dressage. Moira C. Harris is the editor of Horse Illustrated, the largest all-breed magazine in the U.S. She lives in Huntington Beach, California, where she rides and shows lower level dressage

Dressage Insights

Klimke on Dressage

This book is full of large photos of what dressage should look like and in my years of riding I can tell you a picture is worth a thousand words.

Every trainer in the country uses all the same words but unless his horses look like these he is incorect, it is that simple.

The poll is the highest point always and the head should never be bent past the vertical. Klimke did a great job of collecting pictures of real horese being schooled in dressage corectly something few trainers bother to do nowdays anywhere in the world. Use your eyes and you can learn volumes from this slim work!

Dressage Illustrated FEI

Text and graphic illustration of the current Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) dressage tests for Prix St-Georges, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Grand Prix, and Grand Prix Special.

The Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) is an international equestrian organization which periodically publishes international dressage tests for the highest levels of dressage riding competitions.

Linda Hamilton has ridden and trained horses for over 40 years. She is a horse owner and trainer, dressage rider, dressage instructor, and learner judge.

Linda developed the Dressage Illustrated graphic illustrations for the FEI tests.



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Books about dressage and sporthorses.
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