Dressage Principles Illuminated

In this lovely, thought-provoking work on the art of dressage, readers will recognize author Charles de Kunffy's uncompromising devotion to the horse.

He insists that riding must have therapeutic value for the horse as well as the rider, and that a seamless partnership between the two be the most important goal (rather than accolades in competition). He explains the rationale for training the horse and the methodology for doing so correctly, placing great emphasis on the importance of suppleness and collection, which lead to athletic development. Mr. de Kunffy also writes eloquently about what it means to be an equestrian and about the roles of teachers and mentors in a rider's education.

Charles de Kunffy is a sought-after international dressage judge and clinician who zealously passes on his vast knowledge to further generations. His previous books include The Athletic Development of the Horse and Training Strategies for Dressage Riders. Mr. de Kunffy makes his home in the San Francisco Bay Area. An Equestrian Edge Book Club Selection

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