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At WesTrade Stables we believe in a complete service, for both you and your horses.  We will make sure you get the right sporthorse, for the right budget at the right place!
Our dressage stables in Holland / The Netherlands (Europe) are specialized in training dressage horses that are for sale after a certain time.

Perfection and reliability are our main priorities.

First, we discuss with you what type of sporthorse you need and determine your requirements. We will make a first selection of sporthorses for you. Hopefully you will like our own horses in our stables. If not then we have our network to be sure that you will succeed in satisfying your requirements and ensure you do not leave us dissapointed.
Because of our unique system of search and in depth assessment, you dont have to waste too much of your precious time looking for suitable imported horses. Once we know exactly what you are looking for, we contact the owners worldwide, who have at that moment the right horses for you.
You don’t need to worry about organizing your stay, we’ll make all the arrangements and we even organize tourist trips through Holland if you want.

  • Transport from and to the airport.
  • Taking reservations for a hotel at choice.
  • Free transport from the hotel to our stables.
  • If necessary calling on other stables to see more horses.

Your stay
When you visit Holland, you will stay in a nice hotel from which you will visit several stables per day. We will arrange all of your appointments and bring you to our stables. When you have found the horse that you are looking for, we will make sure the horse gets a vet check and is transported comfortably. If you might have the opportunity to do some shopping, then we may advise you to visit the nearby cities of Helmond and/or Eindhoven. After your visit to Mierlo we will take you to our stables in Numansdorp, which is situated near the city of Rotterdam. This city offers more than enough possibilities to spend an enjoyable day. Rotterdam offers many good hotels where we can make a reservation for you. You can also book your hotel at Hotel City Centre of Hotel City Centre.

We organize the transportation to export your horse: from door to door or to the quarantine station nearest to the final destination. Up to the quarantine station the horse is always accompanied by a groom.

KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) was the first company ever that transported animals by aircraft, and that was over 80 years ago. KLM has developed into one of the best and biggest global transporters of animals. Dogs, cats, horses or tropical fish and even lions and Rhinoceros are in good hands and you may be sure that optimum care is taken of all animals that are transported by KLM Cargo.The KLM Cargo hotel for dressage and other sporthorses at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the biggest and the most modern hotel for horses. It has been specially designed for the temporary stay and taking care of horses that are transported by KLM Cargo.

This hotel for horses is the only one in the world that is run by an airline company. All horses are offered the possibility to eat, drink and relax while preparations for the flight are made. In comfortable surroundings well qualified animal care takers are look after the horses. The hotel for horses is open for 24 hours a day.

All transports of horses are always accompanied by at least one attendant of KLM Cargo and a number of grooms. These are people who are well known by the horses for instance the owner, a horseman or woman, a caretaker or a veterinary surgeon. Naturally the horses get adequate amounts of water and hay during the flight.

Various new owners from abroad have preceded you. Dressage horses that we have trained and/or sold worldwide are to be found in Holland, England, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Mexico and Canada.

Whether you are interested in a decent, accomplished Prix. St. George or a Grand Prix horses, we will always do our utmost to find the right horse for you.

For any questions you can always contact us by phone or email.
WesTrade Stables, your partner in business!

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WesTrade Stables in Holland / The Netherlands (Europe). We train and sell (Import / Export) Dutch warmbloods / dressage horses to Germany, England, USA, France and Japan.
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