Lessons with Lendon

Lessons with Lendon By Lendon Gray and the editors of Practical Horseman Two-time Olympian Lendon Gray makes no secret of her conviction that dressage is for every horse and rider.

In Lessons with Lendon, she will show you how to make flat work manageable and fun, whatever your sport.

If you are a looking for a common-sense approach to dressage to improve your own skills as well as the rideability of your horse, this book is for you.

Trainer and international dressage competitor Lendon Gray helps riders of all sports and levels improve and enjoy daily training with her simple, down-to-earth approach to building riding skills. Lessons begin with the rider's position and progress through working on contact, putting the horse on the aids, perfecting transitions, and, for some healthy variety, cavaletti and basic trail work.

At the end of each lesson, "Lendon's Challenge" tests the skills learned, and there are exercises to ensure horse and rider continue to work correctly. In preparation for showing, instructions are provided on riding circles, straight lines, and turning onto the centerline. The book concludes with hints on preparing for a dressage show and an after-the-show analysis and action plan for further progress. Lendon Gray is a veteran of the 1980 and 1988 U.S. Olympic Dressage Team and is a highly respected trainer of both horses and riders. She lives in Bedford, New York.

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