The Education of Horse and Rider

This volume brings together Jean Froissard's two definitive books on dressage and classical horsemanship. Part one, "Classical Horsemanship for Our Time," presents the heritage of classical theories of riding in a modern, highly readable format, taking the reader through the development of a dressage horse-that is, dressage in its truest sense: the training of a riding horse. Froissard begins with criteria for selecting a horse and early training that should be basic for any horse, whatever its equestrian discipline.

With constant emphasis on rewards for even the slightest improvement, Froissard then takes the reader through the training progression up to the highest dressage levels. The emphasis throughout is always on the practical rather than the heavily theoretical. While particularly addressing the dressage rider, "Classical Horsemanship for Our Time" is an ideal source for all riders who seek a deeper understanding of the classical style.

Part two, "A Guide to Basic Dressage" is an essential text for all riders who aspire to train correctly and compete successfully. The stages of classical school based on General L'Hotte's concise maxim, "calm, forward, straight," are given in a simple and logical progression.
Starting with the selection of a suitable dressage horse, Froissard leads the reader patiently through each movement and transition, with emphasis on the rider's influence and aids being properly applied at the correct moment.

Jean Froissard is widely recognized as one of the great masters of horsemanship. He holds the highest state-conferred degree, that of Ecuyer Professeur, a title of the highest distinction with the French Equestrian Federation. He is the author of such classic works as Equitation: Learning and Teaching, and Jumping: Learning and Teaching. He and his wife, Lily Powell, edited the British encyclopedic work, The Horseman's International Book of Reference, and collaborated on works published in France on equestrian and social history. They live in Paris, France.

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