Training Strategies for the Dressage Rider

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders is a unique guide to the art and technique of dressage, written by one of the most renowned equestrian trainers in the world today. It offers a complete training system for both horse and rider, paying special attention to how a riders actions can influence a mount.

The book provides practical, in-the-saddle advice on a wide range of dressage topics, including:
* The art of classical equitation
* The development of the riders seat and aids
* Developing the basic gaits
* Gymnastic improvement
* Horse insubordination
* Clinics and competitions judging

Whether you want to prepare for dressage competition or simply improve your riding skills, this is a matchless guide. Dressage-once the sport of royalty-combines athletic grace with the fascination of the horse-and-rider relationship at its most highly developed level. It is the art of making horse and rider move gracefully as one.

Charles de Kunffy says in his Foreword to this 2nd edition of his classic training book, "I am relentless in the hope that I can inspire in my readers the ‘right spirit' toward horses and riding; that I can also add to their scholarship and foster their ‘right-mindedness' toward the art of riding and toward their beloved horses.

"Horsemanship is a complex science and, when done well, a great art. As a science, it is a matter for the intellect, acquired by scholarship. When practiced on the level of art, it ennobles the spirit and elevates the character."

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders is full of specific guidelines for the correct development of riders and their horses. It addresses the most important issues involved with improving equitation, so that riders will be able to gymnasticise their dressage horses correctly. Believing in "equestrian elegance through effectiveness," Charles de Kunffy guides riders through the traditional dressage training system, explaining how horse and rider can combine athleticism and science into breathtaking art.


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