Training the Horse in Hand

An illustrated handbook on training the dressage horse on the lunge line and long reins in the classical Iberian and Viennese styles.

In this handbook about dressage horses you will find fascinating information on the development of the horse, using all methods of work in hand:

* Lungeing
* Long reining
* Training in hand according to the Iberian school
* Training in hand according to the Viennese school
* Schooling between the pillars
* Working with shortened long reins and free long reins

Training The Horse in Hand presents a complete system for the development of the young horse, from its first lessons on the lunge line through the highest levels of dressage. All lessons are discussed, including lateral work, leg-yielding, shoulder-in, piaffe, passage, Spanish walk, and airs above the ground. The author places special value on the use of groundwork as an extension of training under saddle.
The art of riding lies in being able to understand the cause and effect of everything you do. If you abide by these rules when you work with your friend the horse, he will in return be a joyful companion who will be eager to do anything for you.
Nothing written in this book is "my method." There are experiences that are thousands of years old, which I have been allowed to discover in my own life and have become richer for doing so. Everything you read here is therefore "clinically tested" through the skill and knowledge of the old masters and myself, and only written in modern words. So I wish you a tremendous amount of fun as you read and apply this old wisdom.

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