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Carriage Driving

The modern bible of carriage driving . . . now back by popular demand

Widely renowned as the definitive book on training the driving horse, Carriage Driving offers an easy-to-follow, practical guide to this increasingly popular sport.

The philosophy is simple but remarkably effective: If driving is as much fun for your horse as it is for you, he will be a willing partner in the endeavor. With that in mind, Carriage Driving focuses on building a strong physical, mental, and emotional relationship with your horse. Equine mechanics, selecting the right bit and tack, harnessing, and ground training are just a few of the topics addressed.

Drivers at any level will benefit greatly from this groundbreaking book, which has stood for more than a decade as the preeminent resource on training a balanced, responsive, and safe driving horse.


The Man and His Training Methods

This beautifully illustrated new biography of dressage superstar Klaus Balkenhol delivers both an engaging personal history of the man and an education on his mission to uphold the classical tradition in dressage.

Intertwined with fascinating personal anecdotes and stories of Balkenhol's most famous mounts, the book shares Balkenhol's practical tips for choosing the right dressage horse, adjusting the training scale to accommodate different rides, and correcting specific upper-level training problems.

The photographs throughout highlight Balkenhol's impressive record at the highest levels of world competition, including two Olympic golds and an individual bronze, along with innumerable German, European, and World Cup wins. A look ahead to Balkenhol's future plans, which include coaching the U.S. Olympic dressage team, confirm his dedication to the best possible training for horses and riders.

Lessons with Lendon

Lessons with Lendon By Lendon Gray and the editors of Practical Horseman Two-time Olympian Lendon Gray makes no secret of her conviction that dressage is for every horse and rider.

In Lessons with Lendon, she will show you how to make flat work manageable and fun, whatever your sport.

If you are a looking for a common-sense approach to dressage to improve your own skills as well as the rideability of your horse, this book is for you.

Trainer and international dressage competitor Lendon Gray helps riders of all sports and levels improve and enjoy daily training with her simple, down-to-earth approach to building riding skills. Lessons begin with the rider's position and progress through working on contact, putting the horse on the aids, perfecting transitions, and, for some healthy variety, cavaletti and basic trail work.

At the end of each lesson, "Lendon's Challenge" tests the skills learned, and there are exercises to ensure horse and rider continue to work correctly. In preparation for showing, instructions are provided on riding circles, straight lines, and turning onto the centerline. The book concludes with hints on preparing for a dressage show and an after-the-show analysis and action plan for further progress. Lendon Gray is a veteran of the 1980 and 1988 U.S. Olympic Dressage Team and is a highly respected trainer of both horses and riders. She lives in Bedford, New York.

Tug of war

Describing the basic anatomy and physiology of the dressage horse , this book by an experienced veterinarian identifies widely-used incorrect training methods-especially in dressage-that can undermine a horse's health and well-being.

Starting with the question Who is responsible for this? the book looks at breeders, breed associations, instructors, judges, riders, spectators, and the governing bodies of horse sports.

The hyperflexion issue, the discussion shows, is that training affects horses both for good and for ill, and riders should reject any methods that cause pain or fail to respect the mental habits and physiological needs of their animals.


Classical riding historian Sylvia Loch here traces the development of classical equitation from antiquity, through the Baroque period of splendid enlightenment, to Nuno Oliveira, the Spanish Riding School, and modern dressage competition.

Remarkably, this is the only English-language book to comprehensively cover all the great masters, past and present, and to explain in depth the methods and schools that they represent.

Loch¹s practical knowledge of her subject enables her to illustrate what motivated and influenced the masters and what and how they taught. She also contrasts the teachings of the classical masters with modern dressage at the Olympic level, offering her thoughts on how this ancient art has been influenced by the modern idea of sport.

All those interested in dressage will welcome this illuminating work back into print. Sylvia Loch teaches riding and lectures worldwide on the history of classical horsemanship.

She is the author of The Classical Rider, Dressage in Lightness, The Classical Seat, and The Royal Horses of Europe.

More Cross-Training

In this continuation of Cross-Train Your Horse, Jane Savoie presents more advanced cross-training techniques.

Jane Savoie returns to share all the concepts and techniques she's learned about mental training since the publication of her best-selling That Winning Feeling!

Dressage with Kyra

Kyra Kyrklund, one of the world's most talented dressage riders, explains the unique system of training that has brought her repeated success.

This must be the best ever dressage training book I have read and used. It is written in a manner that it is not at all boring. The exercises are easy to follow and put into practice. I have tried them on my young horse and they worked exceptionally well. This book is for all horses/riders and can be used at the level you are at. I am now a veteran rider and successful teacher and competitor - there's always something to learn!

Dressage Formula

Based on the principles of the classical school, this book covers both the aesthetic and practical aspects of riding and training.

Erik Herbermann trains riders in the US, Canada, and Great Britain.

Pilates for the Dressage Rider

In this beautiful new book, dressage rider and Level 2 Pilates Instructor Janice Dulak has compiled a program of Pilates exercises specifically designed to help the dressage rider enhance her ability for success in dressage.

While they use different terms, both Pilates and dressage share an emphasis on to torso, or "Powerhouse" in Pilates-speak, and achieving core strength, good posture and muscle flexibility.

The goals of a Pilates program are often Identical to what riders try to achcieve in the saddle in the sport of dressage.

The Simplicity of Dressage

An elegantly illustrated book that offers training techniques for competitive success.

Coby van Baalen is one of The Netherlands' top riders and a Silver Medallist at the 2000 Olympics.


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