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Riding in Harmony

All horses can be improved by correct riding and anyone can learn to ride in a harmonious, balanced, and effective way.

Aimed at the novice through to the advanced rider, Riding in Harmony explains how and covers the principles of classical riding which result in better riders and happier horses.


It literally is the best book written on riding I have yet come across. Ironic, isn't it, that I am not an English rider, but a Western rider and still found this book to be of great help. Yes, help. It describes in graphic detail what you should really understand before even thinking about mounting a horse, plus tips and guidelines on what you should know when you do mount a horse.

I really did find this book invaluable. I have owned it for years and I'm still learning from it. I find it absolutely great for references.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who rides horses, and to those who don't, just so they can truly understand the significance of horse intelligence and human/horse companionship.


The author analyzes the elements of dressage tests, explains what the judges should be looking for and why, and offers clear, concise guidance to riders on performing the movements correctly.

Wolfgang M. Niggli is a leading FEI judge.

Everyday Training Backyard Dressage

Mary Twelveponies' book is a very practical,down-to-earth guide for those of us who want to enjoy our horses. This is not a guide to showing your horse,it is a guide for the average horse owner. It deals with problems we all encounter.

101 Exercises from Top Riders

Schooling a horse is a fundamental to any rider, whatever their equestrian background.

This collection presents 101 favorite and most effective flatwork and jumping exercises from the stars of the equestrian world--Olympic medalists, world champions, and up-and-coming stars of the dressage horse world.

With an emphasis on progressive training for all levels of experience, from novice to intermediate, as well as easy-to-follow instruction and helpful diagrams, every equestrian will welcome the expert advice found in this book.

The Education of Horse and Rider

This volume brings together Jean Froissard's two definitive books on dressage and classical horsemanship. Part one, "Classical Horsemanship for Our Time," presents the heritage of classical theories of riding in a modern, highly readable format, taking the reader through the development of a dressage horse-that is, dressage in its truest sense: the training of a riding horse. Froissard begins with criteria for selecting a horse and early training that should be basic for any horse, whatever its equestrian discipline.

With constant emphasis on rewards for even the slightest improvement, Froissard then takes the reader through the training progression up to the highest dressage levels. The emphasis throughout is always on the practical rather than the heavily theoretical. While particularly addressing the dressage rider, "Classical Horsemanship for Our Time" is an ideal source for all riders who seek a deeper understanding of the classical style.

Part two, "A Guide to Basic Dressage" is an essential text for all riders who aspire to train correctly and compete successfully. The stages of classical school based on General L'Hotte's concise maxim, "calm, forward, straight," are given in a simple and logical progression.
Starting with the selection of a suitable dressage horse, Froissard leads the reader patiently through each movement and transition, with emphasis on the rider's influence and aids being properly applied at the correct moment.

Jean Froissard is widely recognized as one of the great masters of horsemanship. He holds the highest state-conferred degree, that of Ecuyer Professeur, a title of the highest distinction with the French Equestrian Federation. He is the author of such classic works as Equitation: Learning and Teaching, and Jumping: Learning and Teaching. He and his wife, Lily Powell, edited the British encyclopedic work, The Horseman's International Book of Reference, and collaborated on works published in France on equestrian and social history. They live in Paris, France.

Real Life Dressage

British Olympian and National Champion Carl Hester shares his training methods and shows how they can be adapted to suit individual dressage horses.

What makes this book so unique is that all the horses featured in this book are dressage horses who have problems. None of them is perfect because in real life the perfect horse doesn't exist. "The aim of the book," Carl explains, "is not to describe ideal training scenarios but to look at what we can do, to the best of our ability, with the horses we have.

Even with difficult dressage horses, as I have proved with Escapado. It is important not to give up until you are absolutely sure that it's not going to work." "If there is a glimmer of hope," says Carl, it is worth persevering. It might take longer to get there, but if you, the rider, have patience, it may well still be possible and this is just as true at the higher levels as it is at the lower ones."

With Carl's approach of using jargon-free text and wonderful color photos to share his methods, this book stands out from other training manuals in usefulness and pleasure in reading.

Dressage as Art in Competition

A Silver Medalist's advice for keeping the competitive edge while maintaining the artistry of classical equitation.

Practical Dressage Manual

Recommended Reading for the United States Dressage Federation's Instructor Certification Program.

This book was written expressly for Americans by the Swedish master who brought dressage to the US. It is truly a classic work and has served as a teaching aid for a multitude of serious dressage riders.

Simply must reading!

101 Dressage Tips

Balance, impulsion, responsiveness-these hallmarks of a well-schooled dressage horse are the goals of dressage, a French word for training.

Although a dressage education is often done with an eye toward preparing horse and rider for competition, this systematic approach also serves to improve every horse's athletic potential.

With advice on selecting a horse, stable, trainer, tack, and other equipment, taking lessons and clinics, and preparing for and taking part in dressage competitions, 101 Dressage Tips offers practical and encouraging advice for riders at all levels.



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